WaiterPad - Handheld Ordering and POS

Handheld Point of Sale (POS)

The WaiterPad solution is an advanced restaurant POS system that has been successfully deployed in 17 countries. The system uses both software and radio frequency (RF) technology to enable staff to wirelessly take and send orders, access menu information such as tasting notes and ingredients and update back office inventory in real time. This saves time, both for the venue and for the customer, which in turn increases efficiency and enhances profitability. Customers have experienced in excess of 10% improvement to the bottom line, annually, and a return on investment in 6 to 12 months.

Why does WaiterPad work so effectively?

High powered microwaves, stainless steel areas, mobile phones and wireless laptops are all a part of a typical hospitality environment. TriniTEQ has found that these factors may interfere with handheld ordering systems that use standard wireless technology. With this in mind, TriniTEQ has developed proprietary technology that enables WaiterPad to use radio frequency (RF). This ensures no dropouts from interference with other wireless devices, longer battery life and therefore greater reliability. It also allows WaiterPad handhelds to cover greater distances and transmit through solid objects. Standard wireless solutions do not function when there is no connection with the network, for example, where there is a black spot area or the handheld is out of range. WaiterPad handhelds can still be used and orders can be taken when out of range. The order is stored on the WaiterPad and is simply transmitted by the user when back in range.