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20 Years of Business Systems Excellence 1997 – 2017

Formed in 1997, TriniTEQ has become a leader in seamlessly integrated point of sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business solutions. TriniTEQ offers robust, reliable systems to world renowned companies and businesses throughout the world.  TriniTEQ can design an individually tailored solution or a ‘turn-key’ package for any venue, company or outlet.


Owned Locally, Operates Nationally

Owned and operated in Australia, TriniTEQ is a multi-national company that understand the diversity and challenges faced by businesses.  TriniTEQ develops systems that adapt and evolve, offering greater flexibility, redundancies and security within the context of the ever-changing information technology landscape.


Seamlessly Integrated Front of house, Back Office & Online Systems

Some suppliers choose to focus their efforts on back office features only, forgetting that a dynamic front end will capitalise on turnover and decrease customer wait times.  We encourage you to test our systems against any other integrated POS and CRM software worldwide. TriniTEQ will prove that our POS and CRM solutions are the best option overall.


Powerful Back Office Reporting Capabilities

TriniTEQ’s all new centralised back office products provide astoundingly in-depth reporting capabilities. This is achieved by analysing and cross-referencing granular data allowing for complete data visibility and transparency. The TriniTEQ back office suite can operate at site level, from a physical head office or online. This will give clarity regarding every facet of the company’s financial operation from anywhere, at any time.


Your Online Marketing Activity Streamlined & Automated

TriniTEQ Platform integrates with front of house and back office software to manage your customer experience from one point, Platform CRM.  Contact management and profiling.  Workflow automation and 3rd party system/data integration enable centralised reporting and marketing strategy facilitation.


Designed for any Budget – Single Site to Enterprise

TriniTEQ can work to any budget. Specifically tailoring the solution to your exact business needs, including all the features you require and leaving out those you don’t, means costs are kept to an absolute minimum.  This along with upfront payment, finance, or pay as you go payment options, TriniTEQ is now the most flexible solution for any enterprise.


Customer Driven R&D

Our software and systems have continuously developed by listening to our customers’ great ideas, resulting in innovative products with endless customisation capabilities as well out of the box services such as multi-tier support, system programming, software development, and comprehensive training.


When you choose a TriniTEQ solution you say NO to costly compromises and YES to the leading business system!

So ask yourself… can your business afford to compromise on quality, efficiency and security? Can you maximise your revenue by raising turnover if you select cumbersome, clunky software and hardware, unfriendly for the end user?


Countries You Will Find TriniTEQ Offices and/or Dealers

        • Australia
        • Canada
        • Germany
        • Fiji
        • India
        • Indonesia
        • New Zealand
        • Malaysia
        • Spain
        • Taiwan
        • The United Arab Emirates
        • United Kingdom
        • The United States of America


TriniTEQ can provide POS solutions to any country, worldwide.  Please contact sales@triniteq.com  so we can best direct your enquiry.