TriniTEQ Stadia, Arena & Large Venue


Imagine a system so flexible that you are able to program just what you need to exploit peak service times and short intermissions – truly maximising your POS revenue.


Luxurious Corporate Suite Experience

Create a high-tech, luxurious experience for corporate clients and their special guests by providing seamless, on-demand ordering. Increase staff productivity and attentiveness by keeping in constant contact with guests even when not in the room. By including tablet devices in your corporate suites, needs can be met as they arise.


Flexible Support

We understand that support for stadia and large venue systems is event-driven. Our flexible support plans are designed to provide assistance only when required and, as TriniTEQ is the only Western Australian based POS design and development company, we have staff in Perth, at ground level, ready to provide you with the highest quality support when you need it.


Exclusive Memberships

Provide your corporate clients with an exclusive online membership area where they can wow their guests with beautifully branded invitations, receive event information and updates, collect guest information such as dietary requirements, customise the suite environment per the event, and receive venue communications.


Technologically Advanced

Our technologically advanced solution is critical for managing fast-paced, large venue environments.  Venue wi-fi up-time is secured by increasing redundancy with TriniTEQ’s peer-to-peer POS architecture, and our intuitive software reduces staff training and controls product portioning, in turn decreasing overheads and managing product leakage.


NIB Stadium Logo

NIB Stadium – Perth, Australia  “We had the pleasure of working with TriniTEQ on upgrading the stadium’s point of sale as well as the installation of PayPass across the venue and they did not disappoint. TriniTEQ took the time to understand our business and tailored to our needs producing a product which not only fit but best benefitted our organisation. Since the changes, we have seen a reduction in transaction times and increase in spend per head. Not only would we recommend their services to anyone needing a POS solution, we will be using them again.” – Hilary Mangazva, Venue Manager, NIB Stadium


Feature-rich at every level, TriniTEQ’s stadia and large venue solutions bring the WOW factor to fans, customers, guests and clients alike.


In-Seat Ordering

With TriniTEQ’s range of third-party App ordering partners, customers can place food and drink orders by using an app on their mobile device. Orders are then delivered direct to the customer in the stands so they don’t have to miss a thing.


In-Seat Order Taking

Enhance the stadium experience in exclusive areas by enabling customers to place food and drink orders with an attendant from their seats. Orders taken with a tablet device are instantly received behind the scenes, then delivered directly to customers in their seats.


Corporate Suite Options

Our stadium and large venue solutions offer corporate clients a range of exclusive features and service levels empowering them to customise their corporate suite experience to their hospitality requirements.


Advanced Features Include:

  • Absolute stability, able to serve huge volumes of orders quickly to maximise peak times
  • Proprietary peer-to-peer POS architecture provided, this increases redundancy and can remove the need for expensive servers
  • Membership add-on offering a wide range of features and benefits
  • Head office data feed and management packages
  • Suggestive sell prompting to increase customer spend
  • TriniTEQ WPAdvert – LCD Advertisement panels
  • Ultimate in POS security options –  from CCTV POS overlay to biometric fingerprint readers, PIN code activation, security level clearances, FOB keys and RFID
  • Proven WiFi and RF handheld ordering devices
  • Simple programming and PLU management
  • A range of accounts, membership and loyalty options
  • Optional automated price level adjustments and discounts i.e: happy hour, public holiday
  • Optional Order Screen Display (KVD) Integration
  • Third party integrations and ‘add-ons’
  • Gift Card ‘add-on’
  • Integrated EFTPOS and ‘pay @ table’ solutions
  • Adaptable to suit any company business model
  • Accountability on every transaction
  • Fast return on investment
  • Evolves as you grow
  • It’s fast, and it looks spectacular


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