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    Our scalable systems support cost reduction, increased customer spend and improved service.

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Boost Service Efficiency

By processing payments quicker and providing an intuitive, simple to use POS interface, we help you to cut labour costs while at the same time providing faster, more attentive service to your valued customers. Our system allows for superior table service through popular table management functions such as colour-coded table status view and split billing options.  Integrate with Waiterpad, our purpose built, world-renowned mobile ordering device, and reduce staff costs while considerably increasing productivity. 

"As the industry faces a growing number of businesses competing for a smaller slice of the pie, cafés and restaurants need to use every tool in their arsenal to remain profitable. This includes making the most of digital platforms and appealing to a wide cross-section of consumers who have more information than ever at their disposal when making decisions about where to eat. Businesses who fail to take advantage of these new methods of customer engagement risk being left behind as the digital dining revolution shows no sign of slowing down."

Juliana Payne, CEO - Restaurant & Catering Australia

  • Ordering Display

    Also known as Kitchen Video Display (KVD) screens, these hi-tech displays allow you to streamline your kitchen, bar and coffee sections, and turbo-charge delivery speeds. This is the only system that will allow you to accurately report on wait times. Move to a paperless working environment to reduce errors - no more lost dockets! For improved table service, integrate with WaiterPad, and orders appear on screen the second they are sent from anywhere in your venue.  Add multiple screens and break down orders by section as well as setting up colour codes and alerts to manage wait times.  Inbuilt software allows you to report on productivity, timing and stock moving through your kitchen at any time.

  • Table Management

    Turn-over tables quicker while providing exceptional service with our café and Restaurant POS. Colour-coded table layouts enable you to quickly identify the status of every table.  Locate open tables, identify when customers are waiting on orders, check on inactive tables, and know when to expect payment. Operating modes allow for flexibility to run multiple styles of service through your venue or Point of Sale system.  Bar, Table, Tab, Takeaway and Delivery modes each provide different functions and you can seamlessly move from mode-to-mode if, for example, a customer moves to a table after having a drink at the bar, and report on revenue centres separately.

  • Granular Reporting

    Gain greater control of your business through our powerful café or restaurant management software. Flash reports at POS provide valuable, up-to-the-minute reporting on staff costs, unfinalised bills and sales through multiple revenue centres such as bar and table. Our back-office software provides granular reporting allowing you to capitalise on sales trends, monitor sales by staff member, time, date, table and product. To view your data, choose from dashboards, flash reports at POS, spreadsheets, static reports and timed reports. Make decisions based on hard data and grow your business.

Find out what our customers have to say

Our goal is to be recognised and trusted as the leading business solutions provider across the hospitality and retail industries, so our customers are the focus of everything we do. Find out what they have to say about our popular business systems and service.

  • The Wild Fig - Scarborough Beach, WA

    “We chose Triniteq for our venue due to its comprehensive reporting capabilities, extensive system features, and excellent after-sales support. By installing Triniteq we have reduced labour costs by identifying peak periods and targeting labour accordingly. We’ve increased revenue by using the integrated loyalty platform and by accurately tracking sales to measure our customer engagement strategies. We’ve achieved a quick return on investment and I believe Triniteq to be a great value investment overall.” Craig Kimber, Director  
  • Coco’s Restaurant - South Perth, WA

    “At Coco’s, we have been using Triniteq systems for 17 years.  The technology is ingrained in our business. Waiterpad mobile order takers allow us to deliver a high level of service to our guests as everything is instant, trackable and accountable.  The back-office reporting and insights are invaluable, enabling us to closely track and compare the effectiveness of the business over the years, and within the current economic environment, resulting in the development of a much more targeted marketing strategy.” Alison Truter, Office Manager 

To find out more about Triniteq systems or services, contact us through this contact form or call us on 1300 784 666.
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