TriniTEQ Accessories



Designed primarily for hospitality with quick-service and takeaway service in mind, our ethernet order display will maximise productivity and increase the speed of food and beverage delivery.

Known as KVD or KVS, the TriniTEQ order display screen replaces thermal and dot matrix paper printers. They can mitigate mistakes and offer service reporting capability.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Optional touchscreen
  • Colour indicators display waiting times and alert when orders have been in for too long
  • Service sections can be identified by font colours
  • Paperless working environment – no lost dockets
  • ROI through increased productivity + reduced consumables
  • Reduced consumable costs
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Onscreen consolidation allowing easy view of totals items on order
  • High quality, robust hardware




Digital visual advertising techniques have been proven to increase spend by recognition of available specials and up-selling profitable items.

Up- & Cross-sell through your POS

Our ad screens allow you to create a schedule (or playlist) of advertising material consisting of high-quality images and/or video files for the purpose of advertising specials, profitable products or upcoming events directly to your customers. The playlist of material can be customised to work in synchronicity with your venues time periods and specials. For example, advertise happy hour drink specials between selected hours, run product specials for the duration of the product’s availability, or simply create irresistible visuals suitable for a specific time or service period.

Enhance Your Ordering Experience

When integrated with the POS terminal, an advertising monitor displays the orders next to advertising material.  By making the order visible to the customer on screen, the risk of errors is reduced.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Program an unlimited number of advertisement playlists scheduled for different hours of the day
  • Create high-quality advertising playlists including both images and videos
  • Sales from the attached POS can opaquely display ordered items over the programmed advertisements
  • Theft-deterrent due to the order displaying for customers and managers to see.
  • Sales, corrections, and items clearly displaying for review, this also reduces ordering error
  • Multiple program lines beneath order list for Logo or website display
  • Pay for your POS System by selling advertising space to other businesses nearby
  • Connect via the internet to update advertisements remotely
  • Link to any VGA Screen or even PC enabled TV’s for maximum impact



Whether counting stock upon delivery to your venue or counting inventory levels, TriniTEQ’s Stocktake Scanner will rapidly complete your stock calculations ensuring accuracy.

These scanners are designed to count huge volumes of goods with great efficiency. The Scanner can then be connected to TriniTEQ Stock Manager to produce data for stock-taking, which will increase stock accountability across the business and measures the cost of goods.



Commonly known in the industry as ‘Cash Cam’, our POS communicates with a large range of security camera software applications.

Each keystroke on our POS system is recorded as a text overlay on the security system. A series of filters can then be established enabling you to look at recorded footage of a specific transaction, ensuring accountability.


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