TriniTEQ Platform (CRM)TriniTEQ F2

TriniTEQ Platform is a specialised software solution which extends the Joomla and WordPress website frameworks. This is a proprietary range of software which to covers key areas of functionality.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Contact management and profiling
  • Automated subscription and commitment-based wine club management
  • Gift certificates and voucher management
  • Event management, ticketing solutions and RSVP management
  • eMarketing and competition management
  • Tablet and smartphone browser-optimised cellar door, restaurant and mobile sales engagement
  • These solutions are suited to any industry looking to streamline marketing and sales workflow, improve marketing performance and measurement
  • Targeted email marketing, surveys, competitions, automation and in- and outbound SMS campaigns
  • Contact management and profiling with workflow automation and 3rd party system/data integration for centralised reporting and marketing strategy facilitation
  • Product catalogue and shopping cart management, membership and club management, recurring payment configuration and custom purchasing solutions.


Sales report

TriniTEQ has a range of detailed sales reporting options that are used in many businesses in a variety of industries to develop strategies to improve profit, reduce costs, tighten security and motivate employees. TriniTEQ’s range of sales reporting tools gives the ability to view sales in groups of items or run reports on sales of an individual product, clerk or even PLU.

Advanced Features Include:

  • PDF, Excel & CSV formats
  • Profit reporting
  • Corrections/ exceptions tracking
  • Interfaces with a variety of third-party products
  • Staff performance analysis
  • Automated email feature
  • Cash/ card reconciliation totals
  • Extensive data retention
  • Pre-loaded report templates
  • Common and custom date and time period report-ability


Stock in_the_warehouse_183224

TriniTEQ stock management software is an end-to-end inventory tracking solution which assists in maintaining control over stock within your company. When using our stock management software you can produce accurate stock reports with ease in a simple and straight forward manner. TriniTEQ stock management software can be automated to adjust stock levels based on sales made throughout the company and can incorporate a detailed ‘recipe’ system where you can determine the total cost to produce each assembled item based on ingredients, no matter now complicated.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Integrated Stock Scanner for counting large volumes of goods
  • Interfaces with a variety of third-party products
  • Increase stock accountability across the venue
  • Maintain consistent stock levels
  • Increased profit by accurately measuring cost of goods

MEMBERSHIP (Market Manager)


TriniTEQ membership software is a detailed loyalty management package, designed to operate in complete synchronicity with all other TriniTEQ systems. Our membership software enables your customers to earn and redeem points, receive discounts, and much more. By utilising TriniTEQ membership to collect and store customer data you can deliver a variety of targeted marketing drives and promotions.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Optional membership card integration
  • Integrated Outlook ‘Mail Merge’ feature
  • Detailed member reporting
  • Storage of customer information
  • Customer business accounts and tracking
  • Create mailing lists easily
  • Point accumulation and redemption
  • Various discounting options
  • Special offer promotional pricing for members

TIME & ATTENDANCE (Time Manager)

Bio Reader

TriniTEQ time and attendance software package manages staff time clocking and reporting, for the purposes of labour cost management, scheduling and control. This allows you to accurately gauge staff wage cost and expense throughout the business to provide a complete understanding of operating costs.

Rostering, calculation, and controlling labour costs can be a difficult and time-consuming task. TriniTEQ time and attendance software can automate this process resulting in reducing expenditure and frustrations.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Optional Biometric Fingerprint Reader for the secure clocking in and out of employees, with a range of other staff log methods available
  • Rostering (staff scheduling) and timesheet management
  • Multiple job descriptions and functions for each individual staff member
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Security level functionality for employees
  • Control of labour costs
  • Increased security
  • Decrease mistakes, miss-use and loss of time sheets