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    Save time and make growing your business easy with our useful, time-saving back-office systems and management modules.

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Choosing the right back office solutions for your business

Streamline your business processes with integrated solutions that will help you to increase efficiency, decrease costs and make it easier to focus on more important things like growing your business.

Cash Flow Management

Insights Analytics & Reporting

Keep informed on-the-go
Insights, live cloud-based analytics and reporting, is available on all devices through both browser and an app. Insights provides enhanced business visibility and access to your data 24/7, which is especially useful when you’re not on-site. 

Make better business decisions
Through rich graphical charts, predefined dashboards and reports, and a wide range of filtering options, comparing site trends, identifying your top-performing staff and products, and tracking profitability, is always accessible with an internet or data connection. Get Insights>>

Stock Manager

Stock Manager

Easier stock management saves time
Generate purchase orders for suppliers and interface directly with popular accounting software such as MYOB or Xero.

Granular food & beverage costing
Increase profit through continuous tracking of stock-on-hand, the cost-of-goods-sold, profit-per-item and wastage.

Get real-time stock levels
Know exactly how much stock you’ve got, and the value, at all times. Integrate with POS and distribute stock levels in real-time to serving staff. 

Time Manager

Time Manager

Continuous view of costs
Triniteq's Time Manager provides an easier way to keep up-to-date with labour costs anywhere and at any time.

Integrates directly with POS
Includes secure clocking-on and off options, tracking sales by staff member, rostering, and in-depth reporting to maximise sales and minimise labour costs.

Reduces admin time
For multi-site and franchise organisations, data flows from each site to head office where the information is accessible on-demand.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales tracking helps to grow profits 
Increase profits, reduce costs and motivate employees. Our Sales Management software is a powerful tool which will help you to reach these goals.

Granular analytics
Track sales by product line, product groups, sites, sales staff, teams, date, time period and more.

Incentivise staff & track performance
Increase profits and motivate staff by getting a bit of healthy competition going. Track performance by individual, teams, or by site for multi-site organisations.

Membership & Loyalty Tools

Market Manager

Deepen customer relationships & loyalty
Keep your venue top-of-mind with our integrated WaiterPOS Point of Sale system equipped with membership and loyalty tools. Easily identify members at your POS via their member swipe card or through a database search.

Simple sign-up process
Don’t lose potential members through a drawn-out sign-up process. Market Manager features a highly efficient way to assign new members to cards making your sign-up process a breeze.

Choose your reward format
Enable the redemption of points or rewards at your POS. As purchases are made and points or rewards redeemed, the 2-way exchange of data updates both membership types and loyalty balances.

POS Surveillance System

POS Surveillance

Connect to a ‘cash cam’
Our POS communicates with a large range of security camera and CCTV software applications.

Ensure accountability
Sync your POS keystrokes with recorded security camera footage to provide accountability on every transaction.




Find out what our customers have to say

Our business management systems and support are making our customers’ lives less complicated and their businesses more successful. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers Australia wide are saying.

  • Pancakes On The Rocks - NSW & QLD

    Pancakes On The Rocks - NSW & QLD

    “Triniteq are our POS supplier of choice for our 7 restaurants as they provide stable handheld ordering devices and comprehensive management software options with great flexibility and ease of use.” Arno Feige, Operations Manager  
  • HBF Park - Perth, WA

    HBF Park - Perth, WA

    “We had the pleasure of working with Triniteq on upgrading the stadium’s point of sale as well as the installation of paypass across the venue and they did not disappoint. Triniteq took the time to understand our business and tailor the system to our needs producing a product which not only fit, but best benefited our organisation. Since the changes, we have seen a reduction in transaction times and increase in spend per head. Not only would we recommend their services to anyone needing a POS solution, but we will also be using them again.” Hilary Mangazva, Venue Manager  

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