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    Choose from the toughest, commercial grade POS hardware and get the right Point of Sale equipment for your business.

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Choosing the Right Point of Sale Equipment for Your Business

At Triniteq, select from a range of hardware options to get the right mix for your business. Plus, you can BYO hardware so if you have your own POS terminal and just need a printer or you have your own printer and need a POS terminal and KVD, we've got you covered. Pick and mix from our range of tough, commercial-grade hardware and set your business up for success. 

Customer Facing Ad Display

Digital Menu Boards

Easily Update Your Menu
Streamline ordering by digitising your menu and displaying it on a digital Blackboard.

Make it Easier to Order
Avoid upset customers who’ve missed out on their favourite meal or wasting time ordering something, only to find it has sold out.

Unique Countdown Feature
Our Digital Blackboard displays your menu and daily specials and integrates with your POS allowing it to count down and display portions left, as they are sold. 


Customer Facing Ad Display

Self-Service Kiosks

Speed Up Service 
Improve guest satisfaction by allowing them to place their order from a free-standing kiosk or through a tablet at the table and pay when ready.

Reduce Queues
Install self-service kiosks to enable customers to pay for food and drinks without the requirement of additional staff to operate additional Point of Sale terminals. Find out how self-service kiosks helped Triniteq customer, Beaumonde Catering, reduce wait times by 50% during the busy lunch hour rush. 

Improve Accuracy
Avoid common service problems such as order errors and language barriers. Find out more on the benefits of self-service kiosks.


Mobile Ordering Devices

Waiterpad for Mobile Ordering

Provide a Higher Level of Service
Waiterpad users are able to provide a much higher level of service as they are always on the floor, available to serve customers. Waiterpads can also be programmed with valuable information such as allergens, ingredients and matched wines. 

Optimise Every Order Interaction
Increase spend by delivering real-time stock levels and up-sell prompts directly to serving staff. Read: Waiterpad Vs Tablet.

Increase Staff Productivity
Dramatically reduce serving staff travel time as they no longer deliver orders to service areas. 

Customer Facing Ad Display

Customer Facing Ad Display

Increase Sales
Your Customer Facing Display provides great opportunities to increase sales. 

Run Timed Promotions & Discounts
Program your image and video playlist and run promotions based on time, day or occasion such as daily specials, happy hour, discounts, promotion and events.

Increase Order Accuracy
Connect to POS and display the order on screen to the customer. 

Sell Advertising Space
Increase revenue by selling space for advertising, sponsorships, and complementary products and services.

Contactless Payments

Contactless Payments

Tyro Pay@Table
Make it easier for your customers to pay and leave with Tyro Pay@Table. Tyro’s unique Pay@Table solution for busy cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs or even retail stores, allows a bill to be moved from your Point of Sale to the Tyro terminal, taking it to the customer and freeing up your POS for further business. 

No Charge for Integrated EFTPOS
Some POS providers charge between $500-$1000 to integrate each EFTPOS device but with our system, you can process lightning quick payments through integrated EFTPOS terminals, at no additional cost.

Increase Speed & Accuracy
Integrated EFTPOS means no keying in amounts to the EFTPOS terminal, the amount is transferred automatically from your POS making the transaction contactless, increasing accuracy and improving reconciliations by eliminating errors and the need for manual adjustments.

App & Software Integrations

App & Software Integrations

Seamlessly Share Data
Share data throughout your organisation via complementary partner integrations.

Avoid Duplication & Manual Updates
Save time, increase accuracy and collect customer data by integrating your Point of Sale with leading software applications such as MYOB, Mobi2Go and many more.

Find out what our customers have to say

Our business management systems and support are making our customers’ lives less complicated and their businesses more successful. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers Australia wide are saying.

  • The Wild Fig - Scarborough Beach, WA

    The Wild Fig - Scarborough Beach, WA

    “We chose Triniteq for our venue due to its comprehensive reporting capabilities, extensive system features, and excellent after-sales support. By installing Triniteq we have reduced labour costs by identifying peak periods and targeting labour accordingly. We’ve increased revenue by accurately tracking sales to measure our customer engagement strategies. We’ve achieved a quick return on investment and I believe Triniteq to be a great value investment overall.” Craig Kimber, Director  
  • Coco’s Restaurant - South Perth, WA

    Coco’s Restaurant - South Perth, WA

    “At Coco’s, we have been using Triniteq systems for 17 years.  The technology is ingrained in our business. Waiterpad mobile order takers allow us to deliver a high level of service to our guests as everything is instant, trackable and accountable.  The back-office reporting and insights are invaluable, enabling us to closely track and compare the effectiveness of the business over the years, and within the current economic environment, resulting in the development of a much more targeted marketing strategy.” Alison Truter, Office Manager 

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