TriniTEQ specialise in providing complete POS solutions whether it be specifically tailored or ‘turn-key’ packages for function centres, bars, clubs and restaurants.  TriniTEQ WaiterPOS offers consistency and stability throughout peak service periods. Our systems process POS transactions with ultimate efficiency whilst ensuring accountability on every single transaction.

TriniTEQ will provide a flexible and simple to use system which will complement, adapt and fit to your specific working environment.

No matter how busy your venue, our system can easily accomplish a smooth food and beverage service. TriniTEQ WaiterPOS can manage a huge amount of complicated service types including stable WaiterPAD hand held ordering, running multiple cost centres, diverse menus with different formats, on various levels, reporting to several locations; all simultaneously. And much more…

TriniTEQ provide a range of products and services, including Order Screen Displays (KVD’s). KVD’s allow you to report on how long it is taking to produce each meal and beverage. This, along with additional features, increases efficiency and gives greater service flexibility.

For the end user, the TriniTEQ WaiterPOS (front of house) software is simple and straightforward. With advanced features and high quality hardware you will be able to increase turnover and eliminate frustration. The TriniTEQ back office software allows you to provide detailed reporting on every aspect of your operation.


Advanced Features Include:

  • Absolute stability, able to serve huge volumes of orders quickly to maximise peak service times
  • Proprietary peer-to-peer POS architecture provided, this increases redundancy and can remove the need for expensive servers
  • Suggestive sell prompting to increase customer spend
  • TriniTEQ WPAdvert – LCD Advertisement panels
  • Ultimate in POS security options –  from CCTV POS overlay to biometric fingerprint readers, PIN code activation, security level clearances, fob keys and RFID
  • Proven WaiterPAD RF and WiFi hand held ordering devices
  • Simple programming and PLU management
  • A range of accounts, membership and loyalty options
  • Optional Order Screen Display (KVD) Integration
  • Third party integrations and ‘add-ons’
  • Gift Card ‘add-on’
  • Integrated EFTPOS and ‘pay @ table’ solutions
  • Adaptable to suit any company business model
  • Accountability on every transaction
  • Fast return on investment
  • Evolves as you grow
  • It’s fast, and look spectacular