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Point of Sale Insights Reporting & Analytics

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Make faster, more informed business decisions with Insights on your desktop, and in your pocket. 

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  • Get a continuous view of how your business is tracking.
  • Identify your most profitable products & promotions.
  • Track top-selling staff & incentivise them to focus on specific products.
  • Identify the least popular products & promotions to avoid further investment in them.
  • Track corrections, discounts, & surcharges to understand their effect on the business & quickly identify issues.

WaiterPOS & PowerEPOS

Insights works with both WaiterPOS version 8 and above, and PowerEPOS.

If your WaiterPOS version is lower than 8, you could either upgrade your WaiterPOS to version 8, or take the opportunity to try out PowerEPOS, Australia's fastest-growing cloud-hybrid POS software.