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Shaun Munro is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 20 years of experience. So why did he pivot to earning an MBA and become CEO of Triniteq, a tech company specialising in Point-of-Sale (POS) systems?

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Shaun Munro, Triniteq CEO

The Drive to Make Your Life Easier

Shaun started his hospitality career as a chef before working his way up to managing restaurants and hotels. He felt frustrated by outdated electronic POS systems and clunky user interfaces, and was hampered in building genuine relationships with his guests. Shaun decided that things could and should be better, and he now leads a team of experts at Triniteq who are at the forefront of POS innovation.

Shaun's team anticipates the needs of frontline staff, management, and, most importantly, their customers. Drawing from their own experiences in the industry, the Triniteq team understands the importance of usability and common-sense design. In hospitality, every second counts, so Triniteq's POS solutions are built from the ground up to optimise speed and efficiency.

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Developing from the ground up for speed, helps boost sales and revenue because when serving customers, every second counts. Upselling opportunities that seem obvious to an experienced server (something other POS systems miss) are fundamental to the Triniteq philosophy.

Empowering Staff with Common Sense Software

A key aspect of Triniteq's approach is the emphasis on upselling opportunities, which often go unnoticed in other POS systems. Shaun and his team have valuable insights into the key contact points between hospitality staff & customers, and have developed PowerEPOS and WaiterPOS to provide smart prompts to staff at the right time. Leveraging those insights is fundamental to driving sales and revenue. Triniteq's philosophy revolves around maximising business profitability for its clients by ensuring their customers enjoy the best experiences and service.

Shaun's firsthand experience in the industry has made him acutely aware that every business is unique, with its own set of characteristics and clientele. As a result, Triniteq places great importance on integrations and customisations, allowing companies to tailor their POS systems to match their specific requirements. This focus enables team members to concentrate on what they do best—providing exceptional food, beverages, and experiences that delight guests.

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Seamless & Intuitive Systems for Effortless Operations

Shaun Munro's extensive industry experience, combined with Triniteq's customer-centric approach and commitment to technological innovation, positions them as a leading provider of POS systems. Their intuitive interfaces, emphasis on speed and upselling, and ability to cater to unique business requirements make Triniteq the ideal partner for businesses looking to optimise operations, increase revenue, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Triniteq's PowerEPOS and WaiterPOS offer hospitality and retail businesses in Australia a great opportunity for success. Thanks to our experienced team of professionals and various integrations, you can always count on us for complete support. Learn more about our range of products and services today.

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