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Cooking The Books & Co. (CTB) is kitchen management software, created to streamline kitchen operations and cut costs.

Integrates with: PowerEPOS & WaiterPOS

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CTB Integration Summary

  • Integration with CTB just requires a simple CSV export from WaiterPOS or PowerEPOS. The data is then uploaded to CTB and available for use.
  • Notifications for system updates and features.
  • Easily track costs with detailed expense breakdowns.
  • Access accurate and live statistics about your business.
  • Customisation of the dashboard so you can monitor what matters.
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  • For more info:ctbandco.com
  • Integration Price: FREE
  • Cloud-based system
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  • Reliable internet connection
  • CTB accessible via any browser
  • PowerEPOS requires Microsoft Windows 7+
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CTB Integration Features

  1. Easy Integration Process: CTB is integrated through a straightforward CSV export from either WaiterPOS or PowerEPOS. Sales data is exported from the POS, then automatically uploaded to CTB, making it readily available for use in CTB.
  2. Detailed Expense Breakdowns for Cost Tracking: By importing sales data from the POS, costs and expenses can be accurately tracked and managed in CTB providing businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their expenditures, enabling them to make informed financial decisions.
  3. Customisable dashboards: Whether it's sales data, customer engagement metrics, or other key performance indicators, the customisation option ensures that businesses can focus on what matters most to them, optimising their monitoring experience.
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