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    We’ll help you design your ideal system by selecting from Triniteq developed, and popular 3rd party software and apps, which seamlessly integrate to get your business operating at optimal efficiency.

Newest Integration - Now Book It

Our Latest Integration

Now Book It

Now Book was developed in consultation with hospitality professionals to provide a reservations package that charges a flat fee per month (instead of the per booking model charged by other systems) and enables venues to exclusively keep and use their own customer data. 

With Now Book It, venue owners and operators can anticipate their fees month to month, and use their customer data to produce targeted marketing campaigns to increase sales and provide specialised customer experiences.

Now integrated with PowerEPOS, this exciting integration will revolutionise the way you handle bookings at your venue.

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MYOB AccountRight Live


Available for:

WaiterPOS PowerEPOS

Getting started with MYOB AccountRIght Live


MYOB used by restaurant owner

What is MYOB AccountRight Live?

MYOB AccountRight Live (MYOB) is accounting software designed for small business. It’s easy to use, accessible online, and manages day-to-day tasks such as accounting, payroll, payments, CRM, professional tax solutions and loads more.

What are benefits of integrating with MYOB?

The benefits of integrating your POS with MYOB include

  • Remove manual data entry - Save time and increase accuracy by removing manual data entry
  • Sync data when required - Manual sync allows you to sync data whenever you need to.
  • Manage suppliers & vendors -  Our WaiterPOS Stock Manager integration allows for suppliers and vendors to be managed in the one system.
  • Track stock levels - Our WaiterPOS Stock Manager integration allows for stock tracking from delivery to sale. 
  • Sync supplier lists - Sync suppliers between WaiterPOS Stock Manager and MYOB for ease of purchase order development and invoice payments.

How does MYOB work with your POS?

Regularly sync WaiterPOS or PowerEPOS with MYOB to transfer sales data directly from your POS to your accounts, ready for reconciliation. 
The following information is sync'd with MYOB so that the final daily invoice in MYOB balances to zero.

  • Main Groups (e.g. food and beverage) or Groups (e.g. entrees, mains, desserts and sides)
  • Adjustments (discounts and surcharges)
  • Payments

 How much does it cost?

To integrate MYOB with PowerEPOS we add the Accounting Module add-on to your PowerEPOS subscription which is just $5.50 (inc. GST) per site per month.

To integrate MYOB with WaiterPOS you need POS System Manager (PSM) and then the integration is included in the WaiterPOS software price.

Please note: 3rd party provider fees should also be considered and are payable directly to the provider.

How to get connected:

  1. Customers must have a live MYOB AccountRight Live account ready to integrate.
  2. Contact us and we’ll add the MYOB integration to your POS (and for PowerEPOS customers, add the add-on module to your subscription).
  3. Triniteq’s Installation Team will then send you a document to collect the required information to complete account mapping and set up the connection.
  4. Finally, we'll schedule a short training session to show you how it works.

Need more info? Contact us or send us a message through our live chat.

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