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Uber Eats is the original delivery platform connecting your venue’s food and drinks to your customers, where they are. 

Integrates withPowerEPOS

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Uber Eats Integration Summary

PowerEPOS connects to Uber Eats in the following ways:

  • Direct: Uber Eats connected directly to PowerEPOS provides a high level of control and increased efficiency through menu and pricing sync.
  • Indirect: PowerEPOS connects to Otter (previously Hubster) through the Tyro Connect Integration Hub, providing standardisation and aggregation of all delivery platforms.
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  • For more info: ubereats.com
  • Direct Integration: $25/site/mth
  • Indirect Integration: Free
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  • Reliable internet connection
  • Uber Eats accessible via browser
  • PowerEPOS requires Microsoft Windows 7+
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Integration Features

Direct Connection

  • Menu Live Sync: Set up and manage menu items (including descriptions and images) in PowerEPOS and sync them in real-time with your venue’s Uber Eats menu.
  • Pricing Control: Flexibility to set up pricing specific for Uber Eats menu items (compared to other delivery platforms) to maximise return on investment for this platform.

Indirect Connection

  • Standard Pricing: Menu items are the same price across all delivery platforms. 

Direct & Indirect

  • Order Tracking: Instead of manually transferring your orders into your POS, this integration allows for the smooth transfer of orders into your POS and onto production areas.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Once orders are transferred into PowerEPOS they can be reported on as a revenue stream through POS reports and Insights, our PowerEPOS reporting and analytics tool.
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