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    We’ll help you design your ideal system by selecting from Triniteq developed, and popular 3rd party software and apps, which seamlessly integrate to get your business operating at optimal efficiency.

ResDiary Integration

Our Latest Integration


ResDiary is a popular commission free online booking and table management system.

Used by thousands of restaurants all over the world, ResDiary makes it easy to take online bookings, manage tables, and take revenue-generating prepayments.

Now integrated with PowerEPOS, this exciting integration will revolutionise the way you handle bookings at your venue.

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Uber Eats

Online Ordering

Available for:


Uber Eats on mobile

Uber Eats pick up

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is the original delivery platform connecting your venue’s food and drinks to your customers, where they are. Add your menu to the Uber Eats platform so your local customers can place orders and make payments online and through the app.

What are the benefits of integrating with Uber Eats?

 The benefits of integrating your PowerEPOS with Uber Eats include 

  • Uber Eats orders are tracked through your POS journal making them accessible for example, if a customer needs a tax receipt or you need to investigate feedback.
  • Pare back your software stack and enjoy the benefits of simplification.
  • Transactions are tracked through the PowerEPOS journal and available for reporting through your x and Z reports, and Insights our invaluable live reporting tool.

How does it work with PowerEPOS?

This integration allows for menu items set up in PowerEPOS to connect with your venue’s Uber Eats online menu, and orders placed and paid for through Uber Eats, are pushed back into PowerEPOS and on to production areas for preparation. PowerEPOS then stores the transaction, making it available through the journal, and Insights for analysis and reporting.

How to add Uber Eats to your PowerEPOS

  1. Sign up through Uber Eats and send us your account details.
  2. Then we will work in partnership with Uber Eats to get your integration live.
  3. Please note that during busy periods there can be up to 4 weeks lead time to go live with Uber Eats.

How much does this integration cost?

To integrate PowerEPOS with Uber Eats we add the Remote Ordering Module to your PowerEPOS subscription. This is just $25 (inc. GST) per site, per month and enables you to connect your PowerEPOS to as many remote ordering platforms as you like.

Please note: 3rd party provider fees should also be considered and are payable directly to the provider.

For more info please contact us, book a demo, or call us on 1300 784 666.

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