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1receipt replaces paper receipts with a sustainable, smart and privacy-protected e-receipt platform.

Integrated with: PowerEPOS

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1receipt Integration Summary

1receipt integrates with PowerEPOS to issue, store, retrieve and manage digital receipts through a single smartphone app.

  • 1receipt functions as a virtual receipt printer for PowerEPOS.
  • At the end of the transaction, instead of selecting print receipt, 1receipt is selected, and the user's 1receipt barcode scanned.
  • The receipt is then digitally transferred from PowerEPOS to the user's 1receipt account and digital wallet.
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  • For more info: 1receipt.io
  • Integration price: FREE
  • Offer: 1receipt 3-month free trial
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  • Reliable internet connection
  • 1receipt's Pyramid™ scanner
  • PowerEPOS requires Microsoft Windows 7+
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How it Works

Integrate PowerEPOS with 1receipt: After integrating 1receipt and PowerEPOS, receipts can be issued to the 1receipt digital wallet app for storage and access. 

Connect with the user's 1receipt digital wallet: To issue receipts from PowerEPOS to the user's 1receipt digital wallet, the Pyramid™ scanner at the POS scans the barcode from the digital wallet app to identify the account. The receipt is then stored in the user's account and can be accessed at any time via the mobile app.

No more paper receipts: Save time and money by going paperless with 1receipt.

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