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    We’ll help you design your ideal system by selecting from Triniteq developed, and popular 3rd party software and apps, which seamlessly integrate to get your business operating at optimal efficiency.

QR code ordering with Mr Yum

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Mr Yum

Bringing digital evolution to the hospitality and entertainment industries, Mr Yum's mobile menus, ordering and payments frees up staff so they can spend more time with guests. Customers access menus online by scanning QR codes then place their order and make payment through Mr Yum, from their table through their mobile device.

Improving efficiencies, operating with less staff, and increasing spend per head can be easily achieved by integrating your PowerEPOS with Mr Yum. 

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Available for:

WaiterPOS PowerEPOS

What is Linkly?

Previously PC-EFTPOS, Linkly is a leading supplier of payment solutions in Australia. Linkly’s middleware enables 85% of Australia’s integrated payments market and processes over 2 billion transactions annually.

What are the benefits of integrating your POS with Linkly?  

 The benefits of integrating your POS with Linkly include 

  • Integrated EFTPOS reduces potential keying errors.
  • Faster and easier EFTPOS payments at the counter means shorter queues and happier customers.
  • Contactless payments - customers can just tap and go.
  • Simple and intuitive implementation of surcharging on integrated payment terminals.

How to get connected

 Current Triniteq Customers 

  1. Contact your bank to let them know you are connecting with Linkly.
  2. Once your bank confirms the install date, let us know and we’ll get you connected.

 New Triniteq Customers 

  1. Let us know that you need Linkly.
  2. Contact your bank and let them know you are installing Linkly.
  3. For onsite installations, we’ll install Linkly or for remote installations, your bank will complete the Linkly connection.

How much does it cost?
Unlike other POS providers who can charge upwards of $1,000 for this service, we charge nothing to integrate your POS with Linkly as we feel that EFTPOS is an integral part of your POS system. This is one more way we save you money.

Please note: 3rd party provider fees should also be considered and are payable directly to the provider.

Need more info? Contact us or chat with us through our live chat.

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Linkly pay at counter

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