Linkly Integration

Linkly (previously PC-EFTPOS) is a leading supplier of payment solutions in Australia. Linkly’s middleware enables 85% of Australia’s integrated payments market and processes over 2 billion transactions annually.

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Key Benefits of Integrating with Linkly:

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Integrated EFTPOS can reduce potentially costly keying mistakes

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Faster & easier EFTPOS payments means shorter queues

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Fast & simple contactless payments, just tap & go!

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Simple & intuitive surcharging on integrated payment terminals

Watch This Video to See Linkly in Action

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How to get Connected With Linkly

Current Triniteq Customers
  1. Contact your bank to let them know you are connecting with Linkly.
  2. Once your bank confirms the install date, let us know and we’ll get you connected.
New Triniteq Customers
  1. Let us know that you need Linkly.
  2. Contact your bank and let them know you are installing Linkly.
  3. For onsite installations, we’ll install Linkly or for remote installations, your bank will complete the Linkly connection.
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Linkly helps Triniteq's customers processing EFTPOS transactions simply and powerfully

How Much Does This Integration Cost?

Unlike other POS providers who can charge upwards of $1,000 for this service, we charge nothing to integrate your POS with Linkly as we feel that EFTPOS is an integral part of your POS system. This is one more way we save you money.

Please note: 3rd party provider fees should also be considered and are payable directly to the provider.

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