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    Insights reporting and analytics puts your live business data
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Simple, relevant, reliable & mobile

By presenting your business information in easy-to-understand graphical dashboards on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, Insights will help you to easily navigate your data and identify the trends and exceptions that matter.  

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Your business data anywhere & anytime

Improve your work/life balance, go on holiday, work from the beach, from home, or on the road, if you've got internet or a data connection, your options are endless. Insights provides you with live data on-the-go and peace-of-mind that things are running smoothly, even when you’re not there.

Access data on-the-fly in your important meetings or in the car before you head into your next site visit. Now you can access your data when and where it matters most.

Accessible through desktop & mobile

To cover all bases, we’ve created Insights as both browser-based software accessible through your desktop, plus we’ve created an Insights app with the same functionality, available on IOS and Android.

Check Insights through your desktop when you’re in the office and then take it on the road with your smartphone or tablet, when you’re not. 

Make better business decisions

Whether your business is a single venue or outlet, or a multi-site franchise organisation, Insights will enable you to centralise and streamline your business reporting.

Through rich graphical charts, predefined dashboards and reports, and a wide range of filtering options, comparing site trends, identifying the best (and worst) performing staff and products and tracking profitability will always be accessible through Insights as long as you have an internet or data connection.

Centralise your multi-site reporting

Insights centralises and streamlines reporting for multiple venues and outlets. Access live sales and performance data for each site or restrict access by site and position so your staff only see what they need, to help them run the business.

Comprehensive filters enable you to compare data across sites and monitor performance from an organisational level.

Easily identify trends & issues

Through colourful charts and graphs, Insights displays your data in predefined dashboards and reports. Then, by using the wide range of filtering options, Insights enables you to slice and dice your data to display the way you need it to.

  • Compare site trends
  • Identify top performers
  • Track profitability
  • Uncover issues or exceptions
  • Access actionable information
WaiterPOS & PowerEPOS

Insights works with both WaiterPOS version 8 and above, and PowerEPOS.

If your WaiterPOS version is lower than 8, you could either contact us to upgrade your WaiterPOS to version 8, or take the opportunity to try out PowerEPOS through our PowerEPOS 6 Months FREE Offer*.

*Terms & Conditions apply

hurricane grill

Insights is a game changer. We are now looking at our business data more often and it’s changed the way we manage our restaurants because the information is always current. Insights has allowed us to make adjustments on a daily basis, we look at the previous week to inform the future week and this has allowed us to run the business more efficiently because we constantly have the information at hand.

Insights has allowed me to operate the business in a more agile way. I travel a fair bit and at some points while travelling I have not been able to access the remote desktop, but I’ve always been able to access our business data through the mobile app.

It’s surprising how much more information is provided that we now use which we did not look at before and this allows us to make quicker decisions.

Craig Goldberg - Hurricanes Corporate Services
Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Brighton Le Sands

Get agile and change the way you manage your business

Insights creates endless opportunities for accessing your data where and when you need it.
Make faster, more informed business decisions with Insights on your desktop and in your pocket. 


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