PowerEPOS Cloud-Hybrid POS

PowerEPOS is brand new POS software, designed to make businesses more money. Built for speed and to maximise turnover, you'll find PowerEPOS is simple to use and easy to customise.

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Triniteq's PowerEPOS POS Software

Why Choose PowerEPOS?

There are many POS software options in the market today, so we’ve taken the best bits from each one, added to and improved on them, and built them into the ultimate POS software. PowerEPOS is built from scratch by Australian-based expert developers, to help your business succeed. Fast, reliable and easy to use, PowerEPOS makes your job easier, and your business more profitable.

Australian Made
Super Reliable
Lightning Fast

PowerEPOS Integrates with Popular Software & Apps

By integrating PowerEPOS with popular technologies, information flows seamlessly between your front-of-house, back office, software packages and apps.

  • Get your tech talking to each other
  • Reduce your workload and wage costs
  • Increase accuracy and transaction value
  • Manage accounting, payments, in-venue ordering, deliveries and staff, take bookings, sell gift cards and loads more.
Our Software Integrations
PowerEPOS Integrations

Increase Orders Processed & Transaction Value

Whether your customers require table service or counter service, they order online or through an app, PowerEPOS will help you to make more money by increasing the number of orders processed and order value.

  • PowerEPOS processes orders lightning-fast, increasing orders processed, demolishing queues, and decreasing wait times.
  • Easily set up smart workflows to run throughout the ordering process to gain the most value out of each order.
Our Advantages
PowerEPOS Smart Workflows

Effortless Order Management & Delivery

  • Build your own service modes to easily manage orders.
  • Switch between modes, like bar to table or takeaway to delivery, as customer requirements change.
  • Orders are quickly received and printed in production areas and backup print mode adds redundancy in case of printer malfunction.
  • Add Kitchen Display Screens (KDS) for efficient order development and delivery. 
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PowerEPOS Service Modes

Key Features of the PowerEPOS Front-of-House

PowerEPOS on a tablet showing a detailed floor plan
Green tick in circle

Colour-codes & icons for easy table management

PowerEPOS on a tablet showing the order screen
Green tick in circle

Intuitively laid out order screen for easy ordering

PowerEPOS on a tablet showing POS reports
Green tick in circle

More POS reports, flash reports & snapshots.

PowerEPOS on a tablet showing split billing
Green tick in circle

Split bills by product, seat, portion, covers + more

Built for Hospitality by Hospitality Experts

PowerEPOS is multi-functional POS software that centralises operations for hospitality businesses.

  • Rules-based price lists and locations, taxes, discounts and promotions, variations and customisation, are all available through PowerEPOS.
  • Add stock and inventory tracking through MarketMan, and staff management through Deputy and Tanda for complete control of your hospitality business.
Why Choose Us
PowerEPOS in a Pub

Simple to Set-up & Customise

The PowerEPOS back office was built to make use of the functionality you already know and use.

  • Centralised control and configuration
  • Everyday controls such as drag-n-drop, right-click for more options, copy and paste, + more.
  • Easily Add or subtract sites, regions and hardware such as POS terminals and printers.
  • Manage pricing, program menus, taxes and surcharges, and connect your printers and payment systems.
  • Set up easy-to-navigate touchscreens and workflows.
PowerEPOS Pub Update Specials

Key Features of the PowerEPOS Back Office

PowerEPOS displayed on tablet with tiles and tabs for easy navigation
Green tick in circle

Tiles and tabs to quickly move between key areas

PowerEPOs back office on a tablet showing right-click for more options
Green tick in circle

Everyday controls: right-click, drag-n-drop + more

Clean and clear user interface showing the touchscreen editor
Green tick in circle

Clean and clear user interface

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Click 'I' to access more info

More Payment Options

Now it's easier to pay and get paid.

  • Take payment through leading merchant providers such as Tyro, Linkly, and Alipay.
  • Split bills, apply discounts and surcharges, manage tips, and accept payment through credit cards, cash, and other payment platforms.
  • Take deposits, prepayments, set up credit limits and charge bills to rooms for accommodation businesses. More payment options make for happier customers.
PowerEPOS Split Billing in a bar

Insights Reporting & Analytics

Whether your business is a single venue or a multi-site organisation, Insights helps you access your important business numbers from anywhere.

  • Your live data presented as charts, dashboards and reports.
  • A wide range of filtering options.
  • Compare site trends, identify the best and worst performers, and track profitability.
  • Always available with a device and an internet or a data connection.
  • Accessible from your office or on-the-go on your smartphone through the PowerEPOS Insights app.
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PowerEPOS Insights on a laptoipn & a smart phone

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Still not sure which POS is right for your business? Want to discuss your requirements in more detail or book a demo? Well, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line by email, call us or book a demo using our handy scheduler. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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