TriniTEQ understand the significance and absolute importance of keeping you operating. We offer reliable support with a range of options to suit the requirements of your company.

TriniTEQ do not outsource support or development.

Our support team are highly dedicated and experienced technicians, committed to providing excellent service to our customers. TriniTEQ is very unique as each of our products are built in house, so our staff know the systems inside out and back to front. As we build the software in house we are able to diagnose and resolve any issues quickly without having to wait for third party help.

  • After hours support
  • Remote ‘dial-in’ support
  • On-site maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Assistance with programming and menu changes
  • Premium level support packages
  • Basic support option
  • TriniTEQ support contract holders also receive additional benefits including call out discounts, loan hardware, system programming and maintenance.



TriniTEQ offer repairs and maintenance on all TriniTEQ POS hardware from our in-house workshop.  The helpful TriniTEQ workshop team provide servicing on POS equipment and can troubleshoot  issues or faults.

The TriniTEQ workshop can also assist with the loan of POS hardware devices should your system require repair so as to keep you operating without disruption.


Contract: 1300 784 276

Non-contract: 1900 999 227