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The Importance of Quality Support

Originally posted on LinkedIn: After a recent unfortunate experience with my internet service provider (ISP), it made me reflect on the importance of quality support and the potential consequences of inadequate service which is what I want to discuss today.

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The critical role support plays 
While this was an isolated incident for the ISP, I wondered why a large company with massive resources couldn't provide adequate support. It left me feeling like moving to another provider. Is it complacency? Was it poor leadership? Could it have been insufficient systems? Is it something else entirely? 

As business leaders in the hospitality and retail industries, we understand the critical role that quality support plays in our daily operations. A reliable support system can make or break a business in today's fast-paced world. That's why I want to share my thoughts on what quality support is and how businesses in the hospitality and retail industries can use it to create experiences of immense value for the people they serve.  


The foundation of exceptional support begins with the product
Let me start by saying that the foundation of exceptional support begins with the product itself. 

A high-quality product is stable, easy to use, and requires minimal support due to its excellent design and construction. For hospitality and retail businesses, this means investing in robust and user-friendly solutions that allow staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences rather than wrestling with technical issues. 

It made me realise that the best support means never needing help. That's why product quality is paramount. Do customers require a ton of support? Are the systems easy to use? Does everything operate effectively? Is it stable? These fundamental questions must be answered.

Recognising that the best way to minimise support needs is by providing top-notch products that rarely require intervention is crucial. By doing so, we can create a strong foundation for our support services and ensure that when assistance is needed, it's focused on maximising the product's potential rather than simply fixing problems.

I always tell my kids, "Laziness always takes more time and effort," which is true with product development and support. If we don't put effort into our products from conception or our services on an ongoing basis, it will cost our business and customers far more in the long run.

Ensuring that our business values prioritise our customers
Another critical aspect of providing quality support is ensuring that our business values prioritise our customers. 

Adopting a customer-centric approach is essential to building and maintaining strong customer relationships. In the hospitality and retail industries, this means truly understanding our client's unique needs and challenges and tailoring our support services to meet those needs.

When reflecting on the ISP's support, I thought about their values and the value alignment of their team members. Their 'core' values are easy to find on their website; one of them is 'customer care'. Are these just words on a website, and have they failed to connect their teams to the company's core values? How do we provide excellent support if the customer is not at the core of our focus? It's so vital that we build customer relationships as we go and rigorously maintain them.

It's vital to prioritise open communication and collaboration with our customers, showing genuine interest in their goals and aspirations. This can foster a supportive environment that promotes long-term loyalty and satisfaction. By aligning our company's values with those of our customers, we can create a seamless support experience that genuinely makes a difference in their business and the overall success of our own.

Local and attentive support is critical to delivering quality support to hospitality and retail businesses. It is crucial to be accessible during critical times and to be familiar with our customers and their venues. By providing local support, we can ensure that our team is available when our clients need them the most, fostering trust and reliability.

The hospitality industry has its own version of Murphy's Law. If something is going to go wrong, it will usually happen in the middle of service on the busiest night. This, to a tech company, is 'after hours.' If someone contacts support at these crucial times, they are usually under a ton of pressure and need problems solved NOW. Therefore, if after-hours support is sent overseas because it costs more to have it in Australia, how does this impact the venue's service and customers? Further, if it costs too much for a company to provide support, how stable and costly is the system?

Attention to customer needs allows us to understand their unique challenges better and offer tailored solutions. By listening closely to their concerns, we proactively anticipate and address potential issues, enhancing the customer experience. In the competitive landscape of hospitality and retail, local and attentive support can make all the difference in building long-lasting relationships with customers and ensuring their continued success.


Product knowledge and adaptability are key
In the dynamic world of hospitality and retail, product knowledge and adaptability are essential to quality support. As business leaders, we must have an in-depth understanding of our product, enabling us to address client concerns effectively and provide tailored solutions.

Adaptability, however, allows us to stay ahead of industry changes and continuously improve our offerings. By actively seeking client feedback and staying informed about emerging trends, we can identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments. This agile approach fosters innovation and ensures our product remains relevant and valuable to our customers.

Emphasising product knowledge and adaptability is a winning strategy for businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors. Investing in these areas can enhance our support services, build customer trust, and ultimately achieve long-term success.


Foster great customer experiences
Quality support benefits business, particularly in the hospitality and retail industries. 

First and foremost, it fosters positive customer experiences, essential for building brand loyalty and reputation. By ensuring that our customers feel valued and heard, we set the foundation for lasting relationships.

Quality support also increases efficiency and productivity. When equipped with the proper knowledge and tools, our team can resolve issues quickly and effectively, minimising downtime and potential lost revenue. This benefits our bottom line and contributes to a more positive work environment.

Retain customers long-term
Finally, long-term customer retention is another significant advantage of quality support. By consistently meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations, we create an environment of trust and dependability. This results in repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and a robust, sustainable client base. As a business leader in the hospitality and retail sectors, it's crucial to recognise the far-reaching impact of quality support and to make it a core focus of our organisation's strategy.

We understand quality support's critical role in delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving success in the hospitality and retail industries. That's why my team and I have made a great effort to develop and maintain a high level of quality support. Of course, the room for improvement is still there; we will fill it in as we go along.  

That's why one key aspect of our approach is local and attentive support. Being accessible and familiar with our customers and their venues enables us to provide tailored solutions that address their unique needs.

Another element of our approach is focusing on helping customers maximise the potential of our products. Rather than simply providing "fixes" for issues, we aim to empower our clients with the knowledge they need to achieve the best results possible. This means our support team often engages in conversations about best practices and how to utilise our products more effectively.

Lastly, we're committed to continuous improvement and self-awareness. We understand that we must constantly evolve and learn from our experiences to maintain our reputation for quality support. By avoiding complacency and striving for better, we ensure our customers receive the exceptional support they deserve, contributing to their overall success and satisfaction.


Reflecting on my experience with inadequate support from an ISP, I'm reminded of the importance of prioritising quality support in businesses in the hospitality and retail industry. 

I changed to a different ISP as the poor service and support were a dealbreaker. I'm thankful for the experience, though, because it helped me to focus even more on our support. Furthermore, some of the best lessons learned are how NOT to do things.

So, to my fellow hospitality and retail industry business owners and leaders, I encourage you to invest in quality business support. Doing so will create exceptional customer experiences and increase efficiency and productivity, ensuring our business's long-term success and sustainability. Let's all strive to provide the support our customers deserve and set a new standard in our industries.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading to the end!

Shaun Munro | CEO, Triniteq

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