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Get PowerEPOS + Mr Yum for practically nothing

We've teamed up with Mr Yum to provide a great offer which streamlines hospitality operations, improves sales, helps you retain staff, and makes your life easier. 

PowerEPOS & Mr Yum @ AssemblyPowerEPOS & Mr Yum @ Assembly The Peoples Pub, Canberra


Tech that makes life easier, for less than you think.

We’re excited to partner with Mr Yum who are continuously innovating in the online ordering space, and our preferred partner for in-venue QR code ordering. Now you can get PowerEPOS and Mr Yum at your venue for practically nothing. But this offer* is only available until November 30, 2022, so contact us to secure the offer ASAP.

How PowerEPOS and Mr Yum helped Assembly The Peoples Pub increase cocktail sales by 79% and AOV by 22% >>


So what's included?

 From Mr Yum: 
📸 Free Mr Yum 2-hour photoshoot of menu items  
😎 Free Mr Yum customised ordering collateral
 💪 and free Mr Yum setup and no integration fees.
 From Triniteq: 
📊 1 month free access to PowerEPOS Insights
📱 Free PowerEPOS mobile ordering menu set up
🏋️ Free PowerEPOS set up and no integration fees
🤑 6 months free access to PowerEPOS 

What Our Customers Say

“I’m all about customer service but I also want my staff to feel valued and enjoy their work. Having systems that increase sales, help us provide great service and make our jobs easier is a win for me, and PowerEPOS integrated with Mr Yum does just that.”
Oscar Wright, Venue Manager
- Assembly The Peoples Pub | ACT
“We use Triniteq and integrated it with Mr Yum. Couldn't be happier. Increase revenue and efficiency which means bigger profit without reducing staff hours because we now serve more customers, so we retain our staff. Both teams are a delight to work with. The support from both is second to none.”
Arnaud Feige, Operations Manager
- Pancakes on the Rocks | NSW & QLD

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